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Laser and teeth whitening specialists since 1992

Here at Quicklase Quickwhite we are a British company who pride ourselves on delivering innovative products in the dental & medical industry. Our wide knowledge of the dentistry market exceeds 20 years, meaning that we can manufacture products to meet your requirements.

Our products range from teeth whitening including home and in-surgery, soft tissue diode lasers, curing lights and cameras in additional to other dental and medical supplies.

Compliance: We are a certified UKAS Intertek EN ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 company as well as Laser MDD CE and FDA.


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BILD Testimonials
“Anoop, you are focused, dedicated and passionate educator.  You put your heart and soul into the material and you truly want to see your audience succeed and experience success in many different forms.  You’ve also honed your skills and your ability to transfer complex information in a way that people can really understand.”
Dr Ryan Swain - Founder Six Month Smiles
“I haven’t realise that there is so much more to a laser, and so many more uses than I imagined there were… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Gary Fossey
“It is one of the only courses in the last couple years that I genuinely thought WOW, I actually learnt an unbelievable amount from this, I would highly recommend it… Anoops delivery and presentation was excellent… Hands-on was brilliant too… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Ahmad Nounu
“I agree with the feedback 98% excellent. The course was excellent, both Anoop and Fadi had a near encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject. All delivered with panache and a high level of entertainment. The hands on was great. It was full of genuinely useful information that would work in a general practice environment!… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Luke Hutchings
“A really great one Anoop.. succinctly delivered in a unique style and very enjoyable day that I took a lot away from!… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Pinkoo Bose
“Very polished delivery Anoop from the first minute. Informative, interactive with all questions answered precisely, excellent hands-on, loads of tips to implement immediately in Practice, GREAT DAY… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Finbar Bryson
“It’s a marketing as well as clinical instrument; lasers are the ideal cutting instrument for soft tissue. If you are interested in raising the profile of your surgery then buy a laser now. You will notice the difference…”
Dr Ashley Watson
“Quicklase laser is easy to use, with Quickwhite I always get the results, my patients love it, it is less sensitivity and they love the Eco concept kits specially with our branding. Fantastic results every time. Must have, you have to get Quickwhite to do the branding, inexpensive. The laser has transformed our surgery.”
Dr Imad Thomas
“Having the laser has raised patients awareness of what we do, generates great revenue for private procedures. We use the laser for things we couldn’t do before, I would buy it again and again…”
Dr Edward Waluszewski
“You can fine tune and accurate impressions. No ancillary damaged to surrounding tissue…”
Dr Jay Padayachy
“Honestly priced laser and it works. I love it for the gingival contouring. Buy it with confidence, great company, product and service…”
Dr Paymon Langroudi
“This laser system fits in our high level high-end cosmetic aesthetic dentistry surgery. The company is second to none when it comes to service and support. Fantastic product…”
Dr Mervyn Druian
“One of the best pieces of equipment that I have bought. It’s small and portable. I do not use the electrosurg anymore. Exceptional results every time. Great to have. You need one…”
Dr James Goolnik
“All dentists and patients have been overjoyed with the results of the laser as used by London and Finchley Dentist – Smile Cliniq… BILD laser hands-on”
Dr Chetan Kaher
“A month before the marathon I got clattered when I was playing football. Following the incident it was very to painful to put pressure on my left foot. Fortunately, soon after I attended a laser course organised by Quicklase Quickwhite and I learnt about low level laser therapy treatment to treat soft tissue injuries.

Anoop Maini and Daz Singh did a great job in explaining how to use a laser in dentistry. I now firmly believe a dental laser should be a must have item for any progressive practitioner. The hands on training provided by Quicklase was superb, by the end of the day I was very confident to use a diode laser.

If you want dental laser training or are planning to buy a laser, look no further. Quicklase dental lasers are excellent. Great staff, great products, a winning combination.

Thankfully, I was able to use a laser to treat my foot and complete the London Marathon. Quicklase thank you for your support.”

Dr Andrew Osafo